Odoo Implementation Services

If your company is interested in harnessing and consolidating information on OpenERP software systems, then you should contact us.     

Why you should implement Odoo for Your Business

Odoo is a large collection of business-related application and modules like marketing, product planning, development, manufacturing, inventory, sales, purchase, logistics, warehousing, and  custom thing whichever is required by the company. Odoo is also known as OpenERP. Users can modify its source code and use Odoo as per their needs. We identified OpenERP as the best, open source ERP. And one of the very few  ERP's with an "object-oriented" technology. Based on a concise and effective modeling language: Python, which for example has been widely accepted and promoted by Google. But the technical advantages of OpenERP are not limited to object technology,

we can also say the following:

  • an extremely modular system with modules that are able to expand existing business objects and screens almost arbitrarily 

  • standard SQL data storage to the normalized Postgres database 

  •  the SOA oriented: everything can be done remotely with web services: it makes OpenERP incredibly easy to communicate with other software

  • HTTP / HTML client

  • integrated engine BPM

Odoo Implement Process

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The Odoo implementation process includes the entire process of integration and deployment of ODOO as a whole and its modules, encompassing its evaluation, specification establishment, deployment planning, software configuration, loading of data, installation.

Odoo implementation services from Odoo

The advantages of Odoo

  • free and open: you only pay for the revision, no need to buy any licenses

  • high scalability: you can start implementation with one small module, and eventually reach the point that 100 people from all departments and branches of your large international company work in the system

  • mind-blowing flexibility and ease of use: the system has a web interface, so you can use it from any device with Internet access. The system is modular, the flight of thought for its expansion and configuration is not limited. You can compare it with a jacket, which is cut according to your standards - it will fit perfectly on your business processes.  

  • openness provides greater flexibility 

  • open source has a standard implementation and therefore greater flexibility/reliability

  • open source has expert judgment and cost sharing among true experts and therefore better quality 

  • open source means that you can adapt ERP to your processes and innovations, and not to bend your company to traditional ERP 

  • no hidden costs or package restrictions 

  • with time ERP often becomes uncomfortable custom-made workplaces 

  • open source You don’t pay for something that has already been paid by someone else: only real innovation has a cost

  • Your fate is not tied to the fate of a publisher who may go bankrupt or something else

  • no distorted sales processes, trying to allocate benefits among regional / sector integrators who do not really compete between them 

  • freedom to modernize what you want, when you want.

Features of Odoo

  • Simple and easy to use

        The flow-based graphical operation interface makes the operator's process clear and clear at a glance. With online help and         multimedia teaching CD, a little training can enable ERP work without any computer operation experience. 

  • Custom warning

        The business warning condition can be set according to the position or user, and the automatic intelligent warning reminding         function can be realized through the system mail. 

  • Custom shortcuts favorites

        Each user has their own shortcut collection, which is convenient for quick access to their usual functions. 

  • Data mining technology

        Custom data association retroactive query can be customized according to user's habits in each operation interface. It avoids the         operator's interface switching between various programs and facilitates the sharing of business information. 

  • Data import

        The system provides data import and export interface, which can support EXCEL, TXT and other common formats to facilitate the         integration of user report data. 

  • Custom document type

        Users have the flexibility to set document types to handle complex and changing business needs. 

  • Custom print format

        Supports customer-defined print formats while preserving multiple personalized print formats. 

  • Sales quote cost analysis

        Through integrated and integrated procurement, sales, production and financial management, our company's ERP provides         accurate BOM information and purchase price information, helping the sales department to accurately analyze the cost of sales in         the first time of order, and formulating neither loss of profits. Do not lose a reasonable offer for the opportunity. 

  • Inventory material occupancy analysis

        The quantity of stocks, the number of in-way, the number of other orders occupied, and the available quantity can be inquired         according to the order, and the material control is clear at a glance. 

  • Multi-factory management

        The system supports multi-factory management mode, and one set of software solves ERP requirements of multiple factories at         the same time.