Odoo modules

With the advent of version 8, the free OpenERP system changed its name to Odoo. The old name did not reflect the system's capabilities anymore. While Odoo is still an ERP Open Source system, it is much more than just it. Thanks to the new Website Wizard, POS applications, and the eCommerce store, the Odoo community has moved to new territory. A new name was needed to reflect the new horizon ahead of this technology. The name change reflects the fact that new territory has been introduced. Programming offers both a complete and fully integrated set of applications. This set could no longer be called only OpenERP, as it is much more than the ERP itself.  the free Odoo is easy, lightweight and has more integrated features.   Odoo  is a whole set of applications and that makes Odoo quite different. All applications are fully integrated with the others . few of Odoo modules given below.
Odoo modules services from odoo

Odoo CRM(Customer Relationship Mgnt

Odoo Sales and Distribution         

Odoo Accounting         

Odoo Marketing     

Odoo Human Resource         

Odoo Purchase        


 Odoo   Project Management         

 OdooPoint of Sale        

 Odoo Warehouse         Management       

Odoo Invoicing    

Odoo Payroll         

Odoo Product Planning    

Odoo Manufacturing  

Odoo Material Purchasing         

Odoo Inventory Control           

Odoo Distribution           

Odoo Finance           

Odoo HR

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