our understanding of Odoo / OpenERP

About Odoo / OpenERP, there are various introductions on the Internet, what is the first download in Europe, etc., as well as various graphics comparisons. From an ordinary user who has a little influence on the choice, the main points are: 
(1) It is not a bad stock: There is a certain high technical content, making it unconventional into a broken and not high, there is A relatively stable development team and a group of followers makes sustainable development possible. (I said it is possible, because it requires development, in addition to technical strength, but also economic power). If it can continue to develop, subsequent technological improvements will not There is no way to find the final software into antiques. Odoo
(2) How much money is available: Suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises (annual sales of nearly one million to ten million), first of all, trade or service-oriented enterprises. Secondly, the main reason is that Odoo / OpenERP production is not strong, and the production itself is more complicated. Different companies have greater differences in production. Small companies don’t think about it for a while, money, energy, and ability are not necessary. Large companies have enough money to back up to find professional software and tie each other's interests together.

Most of us simply don't have money, or we have a little money but not much. The oligarch is definitely a minority. Therefore, most companies in most of us need something that is relatively cheap and not expensive if we need software. 
I said the opposite is because everything is relatively speaking, the implementation fee of 35,000 yuan, for a company with annual sales of 3 million, is only one-time income of 1%, fully affordable, but the income is In the long run.

But for a small shop that sells more than 100,000 a year, it is a big number. What the store is more likely to do is to study it yourself and then download it for installation. The implementation is temporarily free and not required. Of course, it is quite possible to spend three or five thousand when necessary to ask a professional to deal with the necessary technical problems.

(3) Less nausea and ribs: The software itself is free, and there are no hard expenditures such as sites that make people feel uncomfortable and have no choice. As for the implementation of services, in the people-oriented today, the implementation of both paid software and non-charged software is money, generally in terms of time, so there is no difference between the two. Since there is no difference, there is no disadvantage. 
(4) Life in the Internet Age: Why choose 
Odoo  / OpenERP? In this network age, can everyone get used to life without a net for a long time (not to mention the almost original in the Dayao Mountain) Country life, that is not a meaning)? If one day your phone suddenly has a single call, will you be confused to play with your mobile phone to see if there is any worse? So, tomorrow's office network is not today's Mobile phones, everywhere? 

Some people will say that it is their time to get off work! Well, well, if you are the boss, you don't have precise off-duty time. Maybe you have to talk about business at night. Maybe you have to check what you want when you have dinner at night. If you are an employee, receive a call from your boss to check the number, or you can hardly hang up the phone or simply do not pick up or say sorry I am off work! Another big possibility is that you told the boss that the data is in the office, you have to go to the time to fight, can the fare be reimbursed, can you count overtime later?.....

Your boss said good or bad, then you went to the company, for no reason, because the computer with your simple data is in the office, or in the office LAN. Maybe you have done three actions in the office for five minutes, boot, enter the system to query, shut down, and you may be able to play back and forth at 10 o'clock in the evening for a few hours and return home to sleep. In addition to Odoo / OpenERP, there are a lot of software to tell you that you can access the phone online, but for example, epictor, mobile access refers to iPhone! Any boss will give everyone a group of people an iPhone?

(5) There is no free dinner: Everything has to pay the price. The difference is only the price of the method, the cost, and who will bear it. Odoo / OpenERP open source, download free, but remember that not everything is zero cost, nor should it be zero cost, it must be paid a price, this is the conservation rule.

If you don't want to spend the service fee, you do it yourself and spend your own labor costs. If you don't want to ask someone to develop, you can buy a book to learn to develop. It costs your own learning costs. If you don't want to, you will ask the consultant to do it. It costs your implementation fee. If you don't want to, then you can go to spend domestic software or simply do it by hand!

(6) Real labor and intelligence are worthy of respect: Odoo / OpenERP open source, should the translated Chinese manual be free? No, people pay for labor, and compensation is required. As for the value, you think is worth yours. Things, you think that you think you can buy it, you can translate it yourself. If people pay for their work and do not ask for compensation, they may feel trouble, perhaps for ideals, but that is what people want, not for granted.

(7) Odoo / OpenERP needs localization to suit domestic customs: If you can know Odoo / OpenERP and have an interest in it, you will have a little relationship with foreign countries. For example, you have received modern management training, working in foreign capital, related Friends and colleagues have introduced, have contacted foreign software, and so on.

(8) Never be superstitious about Odoo / OpenERP or any other software: Don't be dissatisfied with Odoo / OpenERP's shortcomings, don't be comfortable because Odoo / OpenERP needs to be developed, don't because Odoo / OpenERP is good, simple I feel that I can run smoothly with one person downloading it.

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 Why did we choose Odoo / OpenERP?

We chose Odoo / OpenERP because: 
(1) The software is not charged, there is no cost for this item. 
implementation costs are within the range we can afford, and of course there are bargaining. In business, everything should be 
(3) As a trading company, the business is relatively simple, and the implementation risk is small. 
(4) Web access and mobile client access are very attractive to us because we do foreign trade, sometimes the locals are poor, and the people are scattered all over the world. Network data sharing is very useful. 
(5) Multi-language, I believe this foreign trade company has a deep understanding.

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